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We’re your total marijuana resource for great articles, videos, discounts, tips, places to check out and even our opinions on places to avoid. You’ve come to the right place if you want to absorb fully baked articles that are relevant, insightful, funny and sometimes interesting! The difference between good weed and unbelievably great weed is the grower. Don’t settle for schwag.

There are several dispensaries in Denver Colorado that sell mediocre pot and have bud tenders care less what the use is for. The right dispensary will care to know the reason you want marijuana and what effect is desired. While some marijuana(Indica) is more prone to make someone tired and lethargic, other flower (sativa) can be much less drowsy.  The more organized grows can even tell you the levels of THC and CBD in their product. CBD is greatly being research for patients of epilepsy and can have medicinal effects without getting stoned per say. There are even numerous news reports that suggest certain children with violent seizures, have greatly benefited from the ingestion of CBD.



Welcome to Denver MMJ deals! This is the best place in town to locate the dispensary that’s best for your needs.
Some are calling Colorado the new Amsterdam or even the green rush. Decriminalization is far from being over due. The real criminals are the people that have destroyed our earths resources, cutting down jungles, killing off species and disregarding life itself for financial gain. Marijuana isn’t only used as a recreational drug. It can be used to fuel vehicles, create clothing, rope,medicines, make paper and many other things. Check out


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With Amendment 64 passing, Colorado’s landscape is changing. Not only are people from all over the country moving here to be a part of this new marijuana friendly society, but Colorado locals are showing their creativity with the plant that’s never been seen before. Marijuana is being explored and researched today, more than any other point in history.

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